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Outline of General Work Visa

One fo the most common work visas is General Work Visa. Unlike other visa schemes, you must be offered a job from a licensed sponsor company to be able to acquire this visa. The requirements may vary depending on the sector and your job title.

Things to Know

A licensed sponsor company must offer you a job and your proposed salary must be appropriately in line with your job title. There is a minimum amount of yearly salary you must be offered to be able to apply for this visa category which is generally £30000 per year. There are certain health tests asked for applicants from certain countries. The applicants must show their travel history for over 5 years and prove that they can afford their onward travel and afford their initial stay till they start generating income. The applicant must have held £945 for about 90 days before applying for this visa. This amount is considered as a proof of that you can afford your expenses. One of the other crucial things to be considered is that the applicant must show proof of proficiency of English.

Who Can Apply?

The applicants must be over 18 and prove that they have proficiency in English language. The applicant must show proof of travel documents, personal savings and on the contrary of most other visa types, criminal record if your business involves vulnerable groups (such as children, disabled, elderly) and finally all of the documents to be shown must be in English. If not, they must be translated into English by a certified translator. If you meet all of these requirements, you can apply for a work permitted visa under Tier 2 General Work Visa. There are exceptions and different rules&fees applied to nationals from different countries. For more information and free initial consultation, you can always contact us via phone or email.

What Do we Offer?

Liaising with your sponsor company, arranging the necessary documents, certified translation, advising on how the documents must be arranged and many more services are given by our expert team in London. If you are applying from overseas, we do consult our clients abroad. We walk you through the process step by step via phone and other communication ways.

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