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Recently report covers the announcement in the U.K. that the Immigration Health Surcharge will be doubled, with the change coming into effect later this year.

Immigration Health Surcharge In The UK Expected To Double In 2018

The UK National Health Service has announced that Tier 2 Visa applicants will pay double the fee as non -EU applicant. It appears that the UK is trying their best to discourage non-EU migrants from entering the country.
As it is are these individuals paying national insurance and income tax too as well as immigration health surcharge.
Anyone not from EEA that wants to join the family in the UK, study, work or live for a period of six months and longer will pay £400 instead of the usual 200 GBP.
The fee for persons between 18 and 30 and part of the Youth Mobility Scheme will pay £300 instead of the usual 150 GBP.
Even though it seems unfair and immigrants are protesting UK officials and residents are not happy as they wanted the fees to be tripled. Later in 2018 with no specific date set yet, it will be doubled though in order to give paying members better healthcare.
The Department of Health in the UK estimated that around 470 GBP is spent on paying members.
The increased fee for immigrants will give the National Health Service an additional 220 million GBP annually.

NHS Announce

As soon as an applicant submitted his or her application the surcharge is applied, and it remains payable while the immigrant remains in the UK or until they were granted an indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Aside from the health surcharge will an immigrant continue to pay UK taxes.
The only individuals who do not have to pay the surcharge include refugees, asylum seekers and non-EU immigrants who were granted indefinite leave to remain visa.
Caroline Nokes, the immigration minister of the UK explains that the NHS continues to provide excellent healthcare at much lower cost and much more comprehensive service which make the contribution to the consistency of the service more than fair.

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