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Outline of Temporary Worker Visa

Temporary Worker Visa category is for those who would like to come to the UK if they are working for a foreign government or diplomatic organ. This visa category is quite specific and has special requirements as the applicants must be working for International organisations on a diplomatic level with a contract.

Things to Know

The applicants who would like to get Temporary Worker Visa must have £945 of savings in their bank accounts to cover the initial costs of maintenance of their stay in the UK unless you have A-rated sponsor. An A-rated sponsor letter evidencing that they will be covering the initial costs of maintenance of your stay in the UK will give you a waiver of showing £945 of savings. If you are from certain countries, you might be asked for a tuberculosis test.

Who can apply?

The applicants must be working for a company, organisation or a foreign government which must be governed by international law. It strictly depends on your sponsor organisation or company to be able to get granted this visa. There are certain categories of organisations that the UK government considers A-rated and thus probability of our clients to get granted this visa is quite high as long as they meet the other requirements.

What do we offer?

As an established immigration consultancy firm, Lexlegal Immigration is offering to help you along with your first application till your permanent residency in case you need one. You can get a free initial consultation over the phone or via email. Your initial assessment is quite important as it will shape the whole process of your residency and your stay with your family in the UK.

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