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Data Protection

With the rising importance of Data Protection, individuals, firms and organisations are facing significantly critical issues and responsibilities coming along with this scheme. Especially, the EU’s prerogative approach on GDPR, individuals and legal entities are legally responsible for the data they use. This responsibility covers a large area including keeping, protecting, using and sharing the data. Our experienced experts can help you with matters regarding Data Protection matters and advise you on the following complications:

  • Policy: The personal data holder must declare a policy in prior to acquisition of the data complying with the eight principles of the Data Protection Act.
  • PIA(Privacy Impact Assessment) - You need to make a PIA so that you can identify the potential risks and prevent abuse of the personal data.
  • Privacy by Design is another matter that you have to taker into consideration to optimise the protection of the data you acquire.
  • Data location is crucial for preventing misuse of personal information. Most of legal entities do not have an idea of where they keep their data. Essentially, they keep the data on their storages but not sure whether the data are accessible on cloud systems
  • The persons and entities who have access the data you hold. This is the most important part of the whole protection organisation
  • Risk assessment must take place using and gathering the data

GDPR is getting more strict on data gathering and usage. Data means asset and we interact with people online to lay our strategies. This asset can transform into a nightmare with misusage. Contact us to discover what you can do more to prevent any potential problems and how we can help you.

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