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Outline of the Visitor Visa

UK Standard Visitor is the visa category for our clients who would like to come and visit the UK for holiday, leisure, visiting family and friends or receiving a private treatment. Under this visa category, visitors do not get any recourse to public funds or get a work permit. There are a few types of Visitor Visas which is mentioned and explained in details in the next section.

Visitor Visa Types

  • Family Visitor visa
  • General Visitor visa
  • Child Visitor visa
  • Business Visitor visa, including visas for academics, doctors and dentists
  • Sports Visitor visa
  • Entertainer Visitor visa
  • Prospective Entrepreneur visa
  • Private Medical Treatment Visitor visa
  • Approved Destination Status (ADS) visa

Things to Know

When you are coming to the UK for a business visit, you should be aware that you cannot do paid or unpaid work within the UK. For instance, you can visit your clients, you can attend a meeting, a conference or an event. You can study for short term as long as it is not the main reason that you come to the UK. If you are in the UK with any type of Visitor Visa, you cannot claim a civil partnership or marry. You cannot live in the UK for long periods of times although you are granted a long term visitor visa. You should keep in mind that you can be asked questions regarding your financials and purpose of visit at the border by the police officers and they can refuse you at the border despite your visa. These can happen although it is quite rare.

Who can apply?

Anyone who can prove enough funds to afford the costs of the journey to the UK, costs of the stay and costs of the journey out of the UK alongside with a proof of activities to be involved in the UK which comply with the Visitor Rules can apply for visitor visa.

What do we offer?

Lexlegal Immigration with its experienced team, will be helping you along from the very beginning till you enter the UK. In case you need more assistance, you can get our consultation while you are in the UK. Please contact us for more details and free initial consultation.

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