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Outline of Parent Visa

Parent Visa category is for those who would like to come to the UK if they have a child under 18 who is still under 18 at the time the applicant apply for the visa. In case the applicant’s child is living independently, the visa requirements are different than the standard procedure.

Things to Know

The applicants who would like to get Parent Visa must have a children who is either British Citizen or hold indefinite leave to remain ( permanent residency for UK) or have lived in the UK for 7 continuous years and leaving the UK not possible in case they are applying in the UK. The rules and conditions may vary according to each unique case. If the child has another parent, the parent must be British Citizen or hold indefinite leave to remain. This visa category, as the other dependant visa categories, is varying according to each individual’s circumstances although the main lines of the eligibility drawn quite clearly. You can get expertise support from one of our advisors.

Who can Apply?

The parents can prove that they take active parental responsibility of their child’s. The applicants must also show proof of their financial stability and endurance that they can afford their own and their child’s expenses as well as proficiency in English. Under this visa category, you can be permitted to stay for 2 and a half year continuously. At the end of their stay, our clients can apply for an extension for their stay. This totally depends on their circumstances. You can get a indefinite remain to leave (permanent residency in the UK) after 5 years of continuous stay in the UK which requires several extension of yours visa. Assuming that you have stayed in the UK for 5 years, you can take Life in the UK exam and pay the passport fee after one year of your stay in the UK with your indefinite leave to remain permission to apply for British Passport.

What do We Offer?

As an established immigration consultancy firm, Lexlegal Immigration is offering to help you along with your first application till your permanent residency in case you need one. You can get a free initial consultation over the phone or via email. Your initial assessment is quite important as it will shape the whole process of your residency and your stay with your family in the UK.

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