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What makes a golden visa different?

When you look at wealthy English-speaking countries’ immigration requirements, you will notice they are quite strict. The Golden Visa programs remove most of these stringent requirements. For example:

  • No reason to get married unless you want to
  • No requirement to pay social security taxes
  • No need to start a business
  • No need to have a job or job offer
  • Most countries also remove the need to speak the target country’s language too

Residency and Citizenship Rights

It is important though that you realise that when you have residency rights, it does not equal citizenship and does not necessarily mean you can obtain full citizenship.
For example, in Thailand, you will be able to live for up to twenty years, plus many other benefits, however, you are not eligible for citizenship. Countries like Malta and Cyprus, however, allow direct citizenship and in the case of Portugal you can obtain citizenship after six years.
The idea behind this visa is straightforward and simple, countries trade residence or citizenship rights to wealthy individuals for investment. These regulations and amounts vary from one country to another and include government bonds, real estate of business investment.

Golden Tickets to the EU

There are more than twenty countries that offer these “golden tickets” which include thirteen of the top European countries. They include United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Belgium and Austria.
The largest selling points for these visas include access to the EU’s social services, legal system, tax advantages and freedom of movement to name a few. There is a high demand for these programs and this market has turned into a multi-billion-euro phenomenon and price tag differ from 250, 000 euros to 10 Million euros.
Unlimited access to the EU and the freedom of movement are two of the main reasons why individuals chose a golden visa and an EU country that offers a program that is most suited. We invite you to contact us for assistance when you need to investigate the EU country and citizenship by investment opportunities best suited to your needs.
We specialise in helping you and your family with your UK visa and immigration applications. You can follow the current developments on the subject via our site. You can contact us now for any questions you may have about Golden Visa application and its conditions.

Halil İbrahim Koca

Immigration Adviser

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