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We are pleased to announce that Stankovic Law Office, Serbia, has now joined LexLegal International Lawyers Network!

Stankovic Law Office is specialized in providing numerous attorney services. Fifteen years of experience in Advocacy qualify Stankovic Law Office for providing legal services of representation of domestic and foreign subjects in front of courts and other institutions of Republic of Serbia as well as in front of international courts, arbitration and other institutions. Especially important segment of business of Stankovic Law Office is realized in the field of financial law in part of cooperation with banks and specialized financial legal entity’s.

Stankovic Law Office provides legal and business consulting services to domestic and foreign clients and provides legal support to its regular work and business in Serbia and abroad.
Stankovic Law Office is on the list of recommended law firms by the Embassy of the United States and the British Consulate, Belgrade. Further, the founder of Stankovic Law Office is a member of AmCham in Serbia.

Halil İbrahim Koca

Immigration Adviser

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