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All individuals planning to get married to a British citizen possibly will apply for a fiance visa UK.UK Fiance Visa permit allows the permanent resident to bring in the spouse to join in the country and stay together.

It is also frequently known as the ‘prospective marriage visa and is unique from other spouse visa types since the sponsor and applicant needs not to have stayed together. The write-up explains all you need to acquire the visa successfully.

UK Fiance Visa Requirements

For anyone to be eligible and not to feel devastated during application, there is a need to meet the below criteria:

  • Both spouses must be 18 years old
  • Couple must have seen another
  • Both must be intending to stay together when married permanently
  • Whether divorced or unmarried, you must prove that the preceding relationship has terminated
  • Both must show the financial capability to maintain your needs and dependants without requesting public funds
  • The fiance ought to have savings or be paid at least 18,600 yearly to support yourselves.
  • Must have appropriate housing for bot including dependents

Wedding Arrangement.

This permit allows an individual to access the UK six months to the planned date of marriage to the fiance within the country. Also, when wedded, the partner visa is granted to permit the nonresident spouse to work at first for thirty months.
As long as the marriage remains for five years and the spouse meet financial requirements, then you qualify to apply for an Unlimited Leave to Remain.

English Language Test

The English language comprehension and fluency is a must-have for all non-English speaking applicants.
During the application, evidence of certification from accepted test providers is necessary. However, the spouses with a grade above the standard Bachelor’s UK degree are exempt from the assessment necessity.
Depending on the country you are applying for the fiance visa UK, other requirements passed the listed may be required. Therefore it is essential to confirm the eligibility before applying for the permit.
Otherwise, you may be expected to come back to your native home and submit the application through either the local Consulate, British Embassy, or High Commission.

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Halil İbrahim Koca

Immigration Adviser

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