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  • What does EEA VISA Entail?

When an EU citizen lives or moves to the UK he or she can bring the family along. The family apply for the EEA Family Permit and holders can enter and exit the United Kingdom. This permit is valid for six months.

  • Is the EEA VISA Family Permit Sufficient or do you need an EU Residence Card?

The family permit is to clear entry into the UK. Since it is valid for six months you should apply for an EU Residence card. Successful applicants will receive a Biometric Residence Permit which is valid for five years.

  • Will an European Economic Area Family Visa Qualify You for Indefinite Leave To Remain?

When you have an European Economic Area Family Permit and remain in the UK for five years you could apply for Indefinite Leave To Remain. An EU citizen, as well as the accompanying family members, can apply.

  • If I Plan to Apply for Indefinite Leave To Remain can I travel while being a holder of a residence permit?

You should not travel and remain outside the UK for longer than six months per year or you will show that your permanent residence is outside the UK

  • Do You Need To enter the UK with the European Economic Area National?

You can join a member at a later stage too if you want to join them as a family member.

  • Can You Work In the UK with a Family Permit?

You will be able to live and work if you are a dependent of an EEA European Economic Area Citizen

EEA – Family Member Conditions

  • Civil partner
  • Spouse
  • Unmarried partner
  • Related to the civil partner or spouse as
  • Dependant extended family member
  • Dependent grandparent or parent
  • Dependent child or grandchild

EEA – Family Permit Requirements

  • None of the extended family members could be dependent on public funding.
  • The EEA national must already be in the UK or they should travel together.
  • The intent to live together must be demonstrated.

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