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No Threat to EU Citizens Living in the UK

While the No Deal Brexit is an economic threat, EU citizens feared the worst as it could lead to them living in the UK as illegal immigrants. The question remained high among Europeans going to the United Kingdom to study, work or a tourist, if they would now require visas. EU Citizens Brexit

It would have a disastrous effect on UK tourism and lead to chaos when an EU member wants to enter the UK. The EU members living in the UK were under threat during the early talks of UK leaving the European Union.

No Deal Report – EU Citizens Brexit

During the recent talks in September 2018, the UK government made a promise not to change laws regarding EU members living and working in the UK. The EU Withdrawal Act is quite clear that EU citizens are 100% safe regardless of the outcome of current and future negotiations.
The rights of these foreign nationals which include EU members, and non-EU countries like Swiss and Norway citizens to work and live will continue. UK employers are allowed to employ them, schools, universities and hospitals continue to educate and treat them too.

UK Nationals in the EEA

The news is not as good for UK nationals though who are working and living elsewhere in the EEA. It is a potentially problematic and more complex situation. When the No Deal Brexit goes through, UK citizens will no longer be EU citizens. The rights the British nationals elsewhere currently enjoy according to their EU citizenship in other Member States are thrown into turmoil.

These EU member countries have their own laws which relate to residence and immigration that allows EEU nationals to have special status. Thus, in theory when Brexit Day passes and the UK is no longer part of the EEA or EU, these Brits no longer have the same rights and privileges.

It is a potentially tricky situation and as legal consultants and immigration specialists we invite you to contact us regarding your EU citizen legality and continued stay in the UK and Brits living and working in the EU.

You can follow the current developments on the subject via our site. You can contact us now for any questions you may have about EU Citizens Brexit.

Halil İbrahim Koca

Immigration Adviser

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