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Announced on 30 October 2023, the e-visa system was renewed with an updated announcement on
21 March 2024. This update includes explanations on some of the issues of public curiosity.

The most important change that the Immigration Office will implement is the conversion of
immigration statuses into an online record and the digitisation of physical documents. This new
system is called eVisa. The documents that will be replaced with this system are as follows:

  • Biometric residence permits (BRP)
  • Biometric residence cards (BRC)
  • Entry permit stickers in passports
  • Documents such as passport approvals, wet ink stamps, such as indefinite entry permits will be

What is an eVisa?

eVisa is an online record of immigration status and permission to enter or remain in the UK. To
access eVisa, a UKVI account must be created.

Updating the physical document to an eVisa does not affect immigration status or the conditions of
leave to remain in the UK.

The eVisa is stated to be secure and there is no risk of it being lost, stolen or tampered with like a
physical document. Another advantage is that there is no need to wait for or collect a physical
document after the application decision has been made.

UKVI Account: Why is it necessary?

UKVI account is required for online replacement of physical documents.

How to get an eVisa and UKVI Account?

For those who have a biometric residence permit, an account is created by contacting UKVI. For
those with other physical documents, specific processes may need to be followed. For new
applications, the normal processes apply, but a UKVI account is required.

Help and Contact:
If assistance is required with UKVI account or eVisa matters, the UKVI account contact form is
available. Those without internet access or those with limited access to technology will be able to
receive assistance when completing their online application.
With this digitalisation step, it is stated that the application processes of migrants are tried to be
made faster and safer.

Halil İbrahim Koca

Immigration Adviser