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What is a Schengen Visa And Why Do I Need It?

If you are a frequent traveller or business person who does business in specific countries covered by the Schengen decree, you will enjoy visa-free travel. A total of 26 countries fall under the Schengen area with twenty-two a part of the EU while four make part of the EFTA. Read more about Schengen Visa application.

Is the UK Part of the Schengen Agreement?

While there are several countries not falling under the Schengen agreement, unfortunately, the UK is one of them that does not allow visa-free travel.

UK Residents Application Guide and Schengen Visa Requirements

While other country’s residents can travel freely for prolonged periods, UK residents can travel to Schengen countries too even though it is only for a three-month period.
To get a Schengen Visa, you need to be a resident of the United Kingdom for a minimum period of three months. While we will assist you with your visa application you need to take notice that individuals who are in the UK for a three-month period only, they need to extend their UK Visa when applying for a Schengen visa.
If you do not extend your UK Visa prior to applying for a Schengen Visa, the chances are hundred percent certain that the Schengen visa would be denied if you are not a UK resident.

Where and How To Apply for a Schengen Visa

  • It would depend on which Schengen country interest you the most as you will need to apply at a specific embassy.
  • Should you wish to visit more than one country, the application would be handed in at the embassy where your stay will be the longest.
  • If you wish to remain equal periods in different countries, it would be ideal to apply at the embassy where you will enter the Schengen area first.

When Do I Apply?

A two-week period prior to the intended visit is appropriate

How Do I Apply?

Visit the target embassy in person
Contact us to assist you as third-party applicant.

We specialise in helping you and your family with your UK visa and immigration applications. You can follow the current developments on the subject via our site. You can contact us now for any questions you may have about Schengen Visa application and its conditions.

Halil İbrahim Koca

Immigration Adviser

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