UK Companies Denied Foreign Staff with Immigration Rules

UK business owners request an urgent reviewing of the business immigration rules since they are denied the privilege to employ foreign nationals regardless of their qualifications.
Many business owners seek to employ foreign staff; however, the high price denies them that right.
Employers need to pay an annual salary in excess of 60, 000 GBP in order to have foreigners work for their companies. This includes immigrants who meet all the requirements to enter the UK.
The United Kingdom immigration cap continues to upset business owners, with the higher paying companies taking all foreign nationals in their employ. These company owners feel that the government is busy damaging their chance to create jobs and grow themselves. It simply does not make sense that employers should pay a foreign national who wants to work in the UK, double the salaries than what UK residents earn.
This place a massive restriction on employer-based visas with the current number standing at 20, 700 annually.
This number is further divided into twelve months. Some months the number is full early and as soon as the number is reached a point-scoring method decides which company are allowed to employ and who is denied. This is how higher paying companies win the foreign nationals.
In the previous year, the cap has not been breached and the first time it happened was in December 2017. Since then and in December to anyone who met the immigration criteria was still denied access or granted a visa if their employer could not pay more than 55, 000 GBP.
In January 2018, the amount was breached yet again, and the salary amount increased again, this time to 60, 000 GBP.
This is not conducive to successful planning and expanding as companies are restricted to recruits as they do not know when the cap will be in months to follow.
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