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An excellent notion is the unmarried partner visa in the UK. It was set in place for individuals who are not ready for marriage or marrying only to get a UK visa. Please continue to read more about UK Visa for Unmarried Partner.
The UK immigration rules are commended for making provision for individuals who do not marry but are in long-time relationships.


In order to qualify for this visa, couples must be in a serious relationship and have lived together in their own country.
Couples need to provide proof of cohabitation and several methods. For instance, correspondence addressed to both that stems over a minimum of two years must be submitted.
Relationships of cohabitation are seen as marriage under this visa form and the intention to continue living together must be proofed too. The relationship even though not official with a marriage license are assumed as marriage.

UK Visa for Unmarried Partner – Good news for same-sex partnerships

If both parties lived outside the UK they qualify while one party could be a UK citizen and the other from another country too. In this instance, one could apply for unmarried visa partner, but the individual will be required to meet the set financial requirements.
Prior to applying for an unmarried partner visa, adequate accommodation must be set up for the applicant and the applicant must be financially stable. If the applicant cannot support himself or herself the other partner must be capable of supporting him or her.
Good news for same-sex partnerships is that the unmarried partner visa applies to same-sex partnerships too.
In addition is there no restrictions like work or opening a business when staying in the UK with an unmarried partner visa. In cases where applicants have lived together for under four years the visa will be valid for a two-year period. When they are still together after the initial two-year period, an application for indefinite leave to remain can be applied for.

Halil İbrahim Koca

Immigration Adviser

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