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A ‘Surinder Singh Visa’is a simpler immigration route than many others to entering and living in the UK. Families living in an EEA country with an eligible British family member can apply for an EEA Family Permit, using this route, allowing them to enter and live in the UK with that family member.

Spouses, partners, children, stepchildren or parents and parents-in-law of a British citizen can exercise their Treaty Rights in another EU State and can enter and live in the UK under EU law, making it easier to meet the criteria for this immigration route compared to that of the UK Family Migration criteria.

To qualify, you need to prove that another EU state was your main residence for at least three months and that you lived and were integrated there, also that the British citizen exercised his or her treaty rights in the EU state by working, being self sufficient, being self employed or studying there.

Families can then apply for the EEA Family Permit to come to the UK which is much simpler than the UK Family Migration law and which requires a minimum income.

Once you arrive, there are no work restrictions on the EEA Family Permit which is valid for six months. You can then apply for an EU residence card within the first six months of your arrival.

NB Your British family member must be one of the following: your spouse (husband or wife) or civil partner
your parent or grandparent (or their spouse or civil partner) – you must also be under 21 years old or dependent on them your child or grandchild (or their spouse or civil partner) – you must be dependent on them

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